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Kumo no Ueno Hotel

Michi no Eki Yusuhara

​Machi no Eki market and cafeteria are now open inside Kumo no Ueno Onsen.

Hot Springs & Pool

「Bijin no Yu」onsen and heated pool with water directly from the source surrounded by greenery.

Marche Yusuhara

Annex of Kumo no Ue no Hotel in the center of Yusuhara Town. The building with thatched roof was designed by Kengo KUMA
Main Building
Kumo no Ueno Hotel

3799-3 Tarogawa Yusuhara, Takaoka, Kochi 785-0621
Closure period : Oct 2021 to Mar 2024 (due to reconstruction)
Hotel Annex
Marché Yusuhara

1196-1 Yusuhara, Takaoka, Kochi 785-0610
TEL : 0889-65-1288
FAX : 0889-65-1277
Michi no Eki Yusuhara

3785 Tarogawa, Yusuhara, Takaoka, Kochi 785-0621
TEL : 0889-65-1126
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