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Triple room

Triple room

Room size:48
Capacity:2-3 people
Room fee :from \5,940
 (tax inc.) 

A triple room where you can relax in a room that incorporates the wooden culture of Yusuhara Town.
The beds are Simmons beds, which are used in many of the world's leading hotels. Two hard and soft pillows are also available for each bed. Please experience a comfortable sleep in a bed that realizes your ideal sleep.
The bathroom is a spacious design based on white with a sense of cleanliness.


Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, toothbrush, comb, razor, shower cap, bath towel, face towel


Gown, slippers (No. 301 suite also includes bathrobe and hand towel)

Other equipment 

Refrigerator, security BOX, internet modular jack, desk lamp (rental)

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